Privacy Policy

At Dietfitelt blog, your privacy is very important. As such, you need to be informed on our privacy policy.

1 Personal information used on this blog shall be made top secret, no part of it shall be published or mentioned anywhere else. Also the emails and social media addresses recorded will only be used in updating you on any recent articles or recent development. I won’t in anyway use it to spam your mails nor give it out to any third party.

2. Views and comments from my esteemed readers shall be their personal opinions and will not in any way reflect the true position of Dietfitelt.

3. Dietfitelt blog shall be giving links to other sites from time to time but the web or blog linked will not include their privacy policies as such make sure you read their privacy practises in other to know their positions.

4. Any of my articles republished in any websites or blogs is certainly not done by me as such anybody that is copying or sharing my post should give credence to

5. Any transaction you make with any of our followers, visitors or quest is entirely your decision as I shall not be liable to any negative outcome or be dragged into it

6. Most images on this platform shall be mine but where otherwise it shall be clearly referenced. As in other websites Dietfitelt uses cookies and web server log files to collect information or datas of persons that visit the site.