Women with a loose Vegina are usually categorized as women who have had sex with so many men when in real sense it’s not.

Having sex with a lot of men won’t lead to having a loose vegina.

There are two experience which women who go through them tend to have a loose Vegina. They are Age and Child birth.

How can age cause loose in the Virgin??

As a woman gets older getting to her 40’s, her Vegina elasticity begins to become loose and this due she is entering perimenopausal stage which means the estrogen level has begin to drop too.

As the estrogen levels begin to drop the virginal tissue becomes less acidic, less stretchy, thinner and drier.

This now makes sex life for women with loose vegina unenjoyable which in a way could result to low esteem.

How does child birth cause a loose Vegina??

Giving birth through the vegina does cause the vegina muscles to loosen up a bit.

After 2-3 days of delivery, the Vegina muscles begins to retract to it’s normal state though it won’t go back to it’s full originally state.

Now, what can be done in order to have a tight vegina??

Strengthening the pelvic floor and the vegina muscles


To get a tight vegina, your pelvic floor and vegina muscles need to be strengthened.

How can you strengthen your pelvic floor??

You can do so by doing a little exercise while using the restroom.
When urinating try to stop the urine flow then after about 8 seconds allow it to follow. Just keep repeating till you’re done with urinating.

While performing this exercise just like i mentioned above, it helps to strengthen your pelvic floor which in the order way round helps for a tight vegina.

Vegina cone


The vegina cone are set of small weights which come in different sizes which is placed in the vegina in order to strengthen the pelvic floor as it helps for a tight vegina.

Being able to retain the weight in the vegina for a set period of time will help to strengthen the pelvic floor. Also as time goes on you can now increase the weight as you were able to hold in the smaller weight.

Vegina tightening gel


This veginal tightening gel are natural products produced from pure herb which helps to tight vegina.

The vegina tightening gel helps to renew worn out veginal tissue on the vegina lining which helps for a tight vegina and also keep the vegina lubricated.


Vaginoplasty surgery


This surgery requires the surgeon to use dissolvable stitches to join together the stretched muscle at the back of the vegina in order to effectively shorten it.

Laser treatments are used to carry out this surgery.

The surgery session takes abut 2 hours while the recovery duration takes about 4 -6 weeks.

After the whole process of the veginoplasty surgery there would be more friction and contraction during sexual intercourse.

Kegel exercise


In order to perform this exercise you have to locate your pelvic floor.
In order to locate your pelvic floor you have to do as stated above which is trying to pause start your urine flow.

When doing so, it is your pelvic floor that is t aid you to stop the urine flow. So with this you can now locate your pelvic floor.

Step 2 to locate your pelvic floor and train them.

Now to perform this exercise, you just need to lie your back on the floor.

Tighten your pelvic floor muscles. Hold the contraction for 8 seconds, relaxing for another 8 seconds.
Repeat this step at least 5 times in a row.

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