There has been so many article written about this topic and in most of this articles, is either they are trying to sell you a product or they aren’t nailing the point.

In this article, am not selling you any product rather will give you some real basic tips on how to last long in bed which you should really give a try.

Below are 10 unimaginable steps on how to last long in bed;

Practice with masturbation-

You’ll probably say its really absurd for someone to say you should practice with masturbation in order to know how to last long in bed or better said in order to last longer in bed.

But the really truth is that masturbation really helps.

It is a routine or form you can use on your in order to key in your mind control about sex.

With masturbation you can practice a kind of stop, start move. When you’re about to climax, you can be able to stop yourself from releasing.

Don’t be in a rush-

Now i know you’re puzzled and want to know what i meant you shouldn’t be in a rush.

The answer to that is that most men don’t last long in bed due to they are always in a rush to just penetrate, go in and out and next minutes they’re all over the place and in the order way round you’ve left your partner unsatisfied and puzzled at you.

How do i deal with not being in a rush in bed??

There are so many ways you can do that. Sex is much more than just penetration and releasing.

During sex, there are things that should come first before the penetration and releasing.

Things like dirty talk, romance &kissing and foul playing.

Dirty talk always does it’s magic as it helps you tune your partners mood to your same type of mood.

What i mean by tuning your partner’s mood to your same type of mood is that you’re aroused and want to have sex with your partner and in some case, your partner might not be in the mood, so to get her in mood like you are, you have the magic tool which is to dirty talk.

Next move is to romance & kiss your partner.

You’re still on the move to get her fully aroused which on the other way round the sex is taking time and falling in shape. So romance your partner’s body and kiss her passionately.

Next is to foul play. Now foul play is a choice. Not everyone fancy foul play but if you’re in on foul play
then you should give it a go after romancing and kissing your partner.

Foul play entails you touching your partner’s private part.

As a man, you touching your partner on her private parts will really really get her fully aroused.

All this don’t have to be like so much work to you. They are part of sex and if you aren’t enjoying it then you shouldn’t be having sex in the the first place(Lol).

So they would help you to have a kind of mind control which will help you know how to last long in bed.

Try different sex position-

Trying different sex position is another good way to know how to last long in bed.

I won’t be listing different sex position you can indulge because i bet you know them so rather am going to tell you what you can do with those different sex position.

The motive of trying different sex position is to help so you don’t reach climax within seconds or minutes and i bet you would love to last more than 10 minutes in bed so that is why i recommend you trying different sex position with your partner.

When you’re about to reach climax a bit, pull out and change to another sex position. Keep repeating this till you feel like you’re satisfied then you can reach climax, leaving yourself and your partner fully satisfied.

Going for a second round-

If you were not really satisfied in the first round or you kind of left your partner not fully satisfied then going for a second round is the optimum option to redeem her.

Second round are always the best, no much exaggeration to it.

Distract yourself-

This does really help. During sex you can distract yourself by think of something. Something that would bring you back from the zone you’re currently in. You can think of a business trip you’re about to embark on or think of someone other than your partner.

This is just to play a false deal with your mind in which cuts you out of the mood a bit. You should do this for secs, it shouldn’t be long.

Use condom-

To be specific, use a thick condom. This would help to reduce the direct sensation which leads to premature ejaculation.

Trying a little alcohol-

As a man, you’re in bed with this beautiful lady who her body is so hot and banging which you’re literally sure if you lay with her that you would reach your climax within seconds as her body is driving your mind really wild. A little alcohol could help to shut your mind a bit from going too crazy about your partner’s body. Yes, alcohol can do that.

This is not adviceable but i bet little of alcohol wouldn’t do any harm.

All this steps listed above are great steps/strategy you should put to use in order to last long in bed.


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