how to build a curvy big bum


How to build a curvy big bum


I believe it’s basically ladies searching up this article. So am literally going to go straight to the point and point out the basic things you need to do in other to build a big bum.

Before going into these exercises you should do to build a big bum here are some basics you should know.

For skinny ladies, implements the steps below in order to build a big bum.

Eat more calories-

Before you can be able to build a big bum you need to gain some flesh. You need to gain weight in order for you butt to gain size too.

Eating more calories doesn’t mean you have to eat anything. You still have to eat nutritional densed foods and also weigh out your meals.

Your diet is suppose to contain enough protein in order to repair and build the bum muscles.

Weighing out your meal will definitely help you to know how many calories you should be consuming.

Let’s say you’re consuming 2000 calories daily, then you have to bump it up to 3000 which will help you gain weight.

Do less of intense cardio exercise-

Cardio exercise is very crucial in our daily routine as it helps in getting rid of unnecessary fats in the body system.

Going too intense on cardio exercise is not an ideal way to get a big bum.

Going too intense on cardio exercise will make you lose weight which as stated above, you’re suppose to gain weight in order for you bum to gain size.

If you’re to do cardio, 20-30 minutes should do which its purpose is to burn some fat from the body and not to lose weight or build butt.

For chubby or obese ladies.

Here are things you have to do in order to get that nice curvy big bum which isn’t full of fat.

As a chubby lady, you already have the size now but you need to drop your body fat percentage and when you do so you would lose some weight but you will still maintain some size on your bum which is ok. For you to shed some body fat and body weight you have to engage in cardio exercise. You can go intense to see fast results.

You also need to make changes on your diet

Your meals should be nurtionally dense. You need to cut junk foods out of your diet in order not to gain excess fat.

Since we’ve got the basics out of the way, let’s talk about the exercises you can do in order to target the bum muscles and enhance them.


Here are the list of exercises you can do to get a big bum;



Yes squats. Squats will help you build a decent size of bum.

Though squats target the quads more, it also engages the glutes which is the bum.

How do you squat in order to get a big bum??

In order to get a big bum from squats, you need to go as heavy as possible in order to engage the glutes(bum).

If you’re a beginner then you can go light on the bar then with time you would get stronger to go heavier.

how to build a curvy big bum


Deadlift is a good exercise that can build the glutes(bum).

Deadlift engages the glutes(bum) fully as you tend to squees your bum when you pull the weight up.

Dealift also engages the hamstring which gives your bum a perfect out look

Also deadlift don’t only help you build curvy big bum but it also gets you strong.

how to build a curvy big bum

Hip thrust

The hip thrust exercise engages the glutes effective.

This how you perform the hip thrust exercise:

Support your back on the bench press, place the bar on your hip, your butt should be above the ground then thrust. You can use the bar only or you can add plate to it. But bear in mind that the plate on the bar will make movement a lot more difficult which is good for a better engagement and squeeze of the glutes.

how to build a curvy big bum

Barbell/dumbell lunges

Barbell or dumbbell lunges exercise does build the glutes.

How to perform this exercise-

Place the barbell on your shoulder, and place one of your foot in front and bend the other. Then repeat this move the on the other foot. When you bend your glutes gets squeezed.

You can akso do this move with a dumbell. But you will be using two dumbell. Place the dumbells by your leg sides and then do the same move you did with the barbell.

how to build a curvy big bum


While performing all this exercise above, your rest time shouldn’t exceed a minute. If you want your glutes to get big, then you have to fatigue them while training them.


  1. Chantelle Hadden

    The moment I’m out of a wheelchair and moving around on my own, this is my goal. I have a flat bum and it’s got worse since I went into the wheelchair – I’m just sitting on bone, no fat. This will be very helpful when I get to that point.

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