stretch marks from bodybuilding


How to avoid stretch marks from bodybuilding


In bodybuilding obviously there’s a room for development.

This development comes in different ways. It is either a gradual development or a fast development.

Fast development in bodybuilding are the reason why stretch marks tend to occur.

Fast development in other words means the skin stretching rapidly.

When the skin beings to stretch rapidly it tends to cause a tear in the dermis which now develop as stretch mark on the outer skin.

Lifting weight could cause the skin to stretch rapidly as you gain weight. The motive behind lifting weights is mostly to gain weight size so stretch marks are likely to occur..(stretch marks from bodybuilding)

Now before i go into how to avoid stretch marks in bodybuilding I will like you to know the simple truth about stretch marks first.

If you already have stretch marks then the chance of you getting rid of them are relatively low. In order words if you already have stretch marks you can’t get rid of it totally. It is there for life no matter the number and amount of stretch marks cream you apply on the affected area.

The manufacturers of these stretch marks products are just there to make money off you, they will never let you know this.

No product out there can remove stretch marks. The damage has been done in the inner skin which is the dermis..(stretch marks from bodybuilding)

The only way you can remove stretch marks is by using laser treatment which is more rigorous and takes time.

If you aren’t going for the laser treatment then the only thing you can do to the stretch marks is to reduce its redness and make it look pale.

How to pale stretch marks from bodybuilding


Avoid constant increase and decrease in body weight

Sharp increase and decrease in weight over a short period of time could cause stretch marks to appear on the skin.

When the skin stretch rapidly over a short period of time it tend to cause stretch marks just like I stated above.

Slow increase in weight is the best alternative to avoid stretch marks in bodybuilding.(stretch marks from bodybuilding)

Decrease or drop in body fat percentage

As stated above, you can’t get rid of stretch marks expect you go through laser treatment but if you want to make the stretch marks look pale then you have to decrease your body fat percentage.

To drop your body fat percentage you need to eat health foods and indulge in cardio exercise such running, jogging, running on the trade mill etc.

It is necessary to drop in body fat as fats tend to make the stretch marks to stretch more.

By eating healthy and indulging in cardio exercise, your body fat will drop which will make your stretch marks look pale..(stretch marks from bodybuilding)

Avoid over training a particular muscle group

If you train chest, biceps and triceps everyday, there is a tendency that you could develop stretch marks because you aren’t giving the muscle enough time to recover and if you already have stretch marks and you’re on this kind of routine then you’ll probably be stretching them more.


It is best you split your workouts on each muscle group.

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