There has been so many article written on this topic. So many product has been made in order to sort out the issue of men who aren’t ok with the size of their egg plant.

Most of these products sold to enhance the egg plant has little or nothing to offer. They just want to make money off you and also these products comes with side effects even when they literally have nothing to offer.

Due to all these i decide to write you how to naturally get a big dick.

Before i show the ultimate exercise you do to naturally get a big dick, i want to first have this in mind and also put it into practice as they will be of big help if your really want to get fast results and not waiting to long to get a big dick.

Here things you should in order to get a big dick.


Trim your pubic hairs.

Leaving your pubic hair bushy can go a long way in making your egg plant look very small. And the outlook is always like the egg plants shrink into the pubic hair.

Also the exercise am going to show you below will require that you shave your pubic hair so you don’t hurt yourself when performing the exercise. So always trim your pubic hair when it gets a bit bushy so as to portray the real outlook of your egg plant.

Quit smoking

Smoking could be the reason why your egg plant isn’t getting any bigger.

Smoking narrows the arteries, limiting the amount of blood flow to the egg plant making it smaller in girth and length.

If you real want to get a big dick then quitting smoking is the ideal way forward.

Eat healthy

Provide your body with healthy foods.Cut out junk foods from your diet so you don’t get fat.

These is due to when you’re fat and obese your body get big and your egg plant tend to shrink and get small.

Eat more of vegetables and fruits as they contain more of antioxidants which helps to keep the arteries open and allow blood flow into the egg plants.

Reduce belly fat.

If you’re fat and obese already and you have a small egg plant is best you get you diet right like i said above and also start to exercise to drop in size and body fat.

When your body fat and body weight begin to drop obviously your belly fat will drop also leaving you with a chance to get a big dick.

Reduce to way you stress at things.

Stress also tend to slow down blood flow going to the egg plant making it pretty difficult to get erections and in general get a big dick

So in order to get a big dick you have to reduce the rate at which you stress.

Exercise you should do to get a big dick.

Before i dive into this particular exercise you should do to get a big dick i want you first fellow the little instruction below.

Take a hot shower-

The water don’t necessarily need to be too hot. It should be mild but still warm.

When you take hot shower the warmth tend to increases blood flow and temporarily enhance your penis size.

If you don’t like hot shower you can take a warm towel and wrap around your egg plant. It still does the same job taking hot shower does.

The reason for these is to increase the blood flow on the egg plants so it can erect and also stretch out lying in wait for the exercise.

This exercise is know as jelqing

Jelqing exercise-

This exercise does help to increase the length and the grith of the egg plant.

This involves stretching of the egg plant with the fingers.

Before you start this exercise, i suggest you get a ruler to measure to length of your egg plant before you start the exercise.

This measurement will be like a proof and help you keep track of your egg plant progress in length and girth.

Also before you start this exercise, i suggest you trim your pubic hair.

How to perform the jelqing exercise.

Lub your egg plant with any oil for the skin or more preferably coconut oil.

The essence of lubricating the egg plants is to help for easy movement of the finger on the egg plants and also to reduce the pain of stretching the egg plants. It is a lot more painful jelqing the egg plant if not lubed.

Stretch out your egg plant to your your whole finger to help loosen up your egg plant skin.

Two of your finger should be enclosed in an ok formation in order to allow the upward and downward move with the finger.

Start form the down part of the egg plant and stretch it to the mucosa which is the tip of the eggplant.

How long should i jelq??

It is not really good to restrict jelqing within a time frame as you should have fun doing this exercise.

It best to jelq till you feel like your eggplant has had enough.

How often should i jelq in a week??

i suggest you jelq everyday of the week but if you tend to experience lots of pain when jelqing, then you can reduce it to 3 times a week.


When do i jelq??

You can jelq any time of the day.
You can jelq at your leisure in order to properly relax and do this exercise for optimum results.

How do i measure my egg plant to see if there has been any progress on the jelqing??

You can use a ruler to measure the length and then you a tape to measure girth or you can use a tape to do the both measurement.

How often should i measure my egg plant??

It is quite intoxicating when it comes to measuring the egg plant as you want to know if it has increase in length and girth.

It best you measure your egg plant every month so you don’t bore and depress yourself.

You should start seeing results in a month time so measuring everyday isn’t the best idea.

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