We all experience depression in our everyday life but how we tend to deal with the depression so it doesn’t affect or turn a threat to our life is what matters.

What is depression?

In my own term, depression can be said to be a mental state of being and feeling sad and deeply down due to some challenges we face in life.

These challenges could be;
Insecurities, death of someone we love, stress, relationship issue, drugs, poor nutrition, poor sleeping habits and a lot more.

When you’re depressed some things are likely to happen such as;

Inability to enjoy activities you once loved to do.

Difficulty in thinking and making decision better decision.

Sleeping more or less.

Having suicidal thought.

When you experience all this, then just know that you’re going through depression.

How do you get over this depression??

As you get to find out that you’re depressed, finding or identifyiny the reason or the cause of depression is an ideal first step to dealing with depression.

Most at times you tend to find out the cause of the depression and most at times you don’t which is why you need a doctor to properly examine you and find out the reason you’re depressed.

Identify the cause of the depression;

If you were able to figure out the cause of the depression the that’s a great start to deal with it.

Talk to someone about it.

The best way to get yourself off some things bothering you so much is to talk to someone. You will feel relieved when you do so.

Probably it may not be anyone, may be someone you feel comfortable talking to about it or someone who you trust could help situations, due to the fact that you aren’t bearing the burden so much again as you’ve shared it with someone you trust to keep it secret.

Depression isn’t something you feel big that you can deal with. You need help, you need advice, so talk to someone about it.

Go for a talk therapy-

If you don’t really feel comfortable talking a very close or trusted friend of yours, you can go to a mental health therapist for help.

The mental therapist would help give you advice on how to deal with the depression as so many other person have come to him in quest of such mental challenges.


See a doctor

When you can’t really identify the cause of the depression then you definitely have to see your doctor.

Your doctor will now examine you properly to know why you’re going the depression.

Your doctor could discover that the cause of your depression is due to your nutrition is poor or side effects from drugs you used or due to stress or poor sleeping habits.

All this will your doctor evaluate to find out the cause of the depression.

If the problem is due to poor nutrition, he will identify that and help set up what you diet should be like in order to get over the depression.

If it is from side effects of drugs you took in the past he will also give you some sort of medication to help surpass the depression.

So your doctor could be of good help when you don’t know what could be the cause of the depression.

Now when you’ve gotten to know the cause of the depression through the help of the mental health therapist, doctor and yourself and the whole challenges is getting sorted out, you can also do some of these as they help to get off depression totally.


Exercise has always been a good way to get your mind off worries and after you exercise, you feel relaxed and chilled out.

Also, inorder to keep the body health, you need to exercise regularly. So just join the gym, lift weights or do more cardio exercise.

Eat healthy

Eating healthy at this point is critical important in order to restore your mental state back to normal.

Avoid so much sugar in your diet.
Eat more of fruits and vegetables and also drink more of water.
Going for a healthy diet will also help to deal with depression.

Think positively.

As human beings, we have the power to think what ever we want to.

Thinking positively will help keep your mental state healthy and strong.

Keep yourself occupied with things you love doing

You need to engage yourself in things that you enjoy doing.
These is due to the things you love doing gives you joy and happiness which is all you need at this state of depression.

Doing what you love helps get your mind off negative thoughts. So inorder to eliminate depression totally, you need to be happy which doings what you love most could help emacipate you from it.

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