Intermittent fasting is a eating pattern where you cycle between periods of fasting and eating.

Now i believe that the very first time a bodybuilder hears about intermittent fast, it tends to sound as a big turn off due to the feeling of losing all your gains if not consuming a good about of calories within the time frame of every two hours in a day. But due to the hype about intermittent fasting, you definitely want to know what it is all about, how you can maintain your muscle mass while on intermittent fast and other benefits you can get from intermittent fasting which i will emphasize on in this article.

Still on the question

How can i intermittent fast as a bodybuilder?? (How you can intermittent fast as a bodybuilder)

Speaking on the fear of losing muscle mass as a bodybuilder when intermittent fasting.

As a bodybuilder, your intermittent fast should be at least twice a week. Lets say monday and Thursday or monday or Wednesday. How ever you want to mix it up in a week is definitely ok.

When you intermittent fast on monday for example, you’re typically eating within an 8 hour window and fasting for 16 hours which is 16/8 and in total which is 24 hours.

Within this eight-hour window, you can now eat a substantial amount of calories and should be more protein dense. This means that your protein intake should be higher than your carbs and fats to able to maintain your muscle mass.

Also, your intermittent fast last for just 24 hour and you’ll get back to your normal diet the next day so you will definitely not lose any muscle.

Now within this period, what can you take to sustain you till your 8 hours window of eating. (How you can intermittent fast as a bodybuilder)

You can drink water or
unsweetened teas like black coffee or green tea.

Your black coffee shouldn’t contain sugar or milk or cream of any sort.

Black coffee helps you to focus and concentrate on your daily activities so black coffee is best to keep you till the 8 hour window.

Can i have supplements before the 8 hour eating window?? (How you can intermittent fast as a bodybuilder)

You can’t have supplements till it’s the 8 hour eating window.
You’ve basically just broke the fast if you have supplements before the 8 hour eating window.

Should your food be weighed out during the 8 hour eating window. (How you can intermittent fast as a bodybuilder)

Of course you have to weigh out your foods. Bodybuilders always weigh out their meal.

If you’re cutting for a show, you have to weigh out your food during the 8 hour window of eating so as not to consume so much amount of calories.

Then if you aren’t cutting, you should still weigh out your meal so that you’ll know when to drop your calorie intake. So still weigh out your meal.


What time do i train when on intermittent fast?? (How you can intermittent fast as a bodybuilder)

Training when on intermittent fast isn’t that hard.

If you’re using or going for the 16/8 intermittent fast, then you can eat or have pre workout supplements around 12 pm to break the fast, then go and train in the gym for about 2 hours then be back around 4 and eat you meal till it’s 8 pm.

How does intermittent fast help bodybuilders reach their goal?? (How you can intermittent fast as a bodybuilder)

Intermittent fast has lots of benefits which a bodybuilder will gain by going on it.

Some of these benefits are;

Reduced body fats.

Increase in energy.

Improved health.

Great focused.

It aids in dropping weight.

It is convenient.


Intermittent fast is a pretty good technique a bodybuilder could use to reach his/her goal, so giving it a try won’t be bad.

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