The side effects of using steroids

Anabolic steroids also called juice or roids are used for rapid growth of muscle,which legally are prescribed by doctors to individual who have cancer or aids.

Now in the bodybuilding world, anabolic steroids are used mostly by athletes on competition to enhance and boost their muscle mass and stay lean and also not necessary athletes but some lifters in the gym who decide to take their physique to the next level by using steroids.
Some of these lifters go ahead and enjoy it with out knowing the side effects of using steroids.
So in this article am going to point out the the side effects of using steroids.

1) Ance-

Using anabolic steroids causes the oil glands to produce more oil than suppose and at the same time rumps up the rate at which the bacteria grows on the skin.
The excess oil in the body system collides with the bacteria and then form acne on the skin which you can see mostly at the back and shoulders.

2) Aggression-

Aggression is one of the side effects of using steroids.Situations could come up which a person off steroids would handle but it tends to piss someone who is on steroids.You can’t control your rage anymore.

3) Erectile dysfunction-

Using steroids can make you impotent as it tends to stop the body from producing its original testosterone and then supply the body with it’s testosterone which leads to being impotent and also causing a temporary if not full ability to have and keep an erection.

4) Excessive hair growth in women-

Women who use steroids tend to have excessive hair growth.when the testosterone level in their body system are high,it tends to cause excessive hair growth.


5) Depression-

Using steroids do lower serotonin levels in the body and lowered serotonin can cause depression.
Also depression can set in when it’s user want to stop taking it but realizes so much damage he has done to himself.

6) Addiction-

I guess addiction should also be included as a side effects of using steroids.
When a user cannot stop using steroids because of the so called benefits he think he’s getting from it such as getting super lean muscle and enhancing lagging muscles, he tends to be super addicted to it and now struggles to get over it.

7)Heart attack-

Studies have shown that steroids user tend to have weaker heart than non users.
Steroids users have plaque building up in their arteries which increase risk of heart failure and sudden cardiac death which I believe killed the legend rich piana.
If you don’t know about his death, then research about him.He died last year(2017).

8) Difficulty sleeping-

Using steroids tends to make you sleepless. You will find it extremely hard to do so.Even if you do, you will be waking up every hour at night.Sleeping pills can’t do any justice as the roids are too dominant.

So that is for the side effects of using steroids,
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