Teenage bodybuilding advice.

Lately, so many contents have been published about teenage bodybuilding and it’s great, articles and videos like that have been coming through so as to coach the teenagers on the basis in bodybuilding, the do’s and don’t so as to make a fast and better progress at the gym.

So here is some teenage bodybuilding advice.

Start with push-ups-

As a teenager looking forward to making fast progress in the gym, I suggest you start with push-ups.

Starting with push up will enable you to;

A)Be able to lift yourself, to lift your body weight which you might find a bit difficult at the beginning of your push up session but as time goes by, you will get comfortable with it and be able to lift yourself.

B)With push-ups, your body would have gotten used to soreness from training. So push up makes things a lot easier so that soreness from training for the first time in the gym wouldn’t feel too painful.

C) Another good thing about starting with push up is that you can gain a decent size on from it which makes gaining more size in the gym easier.


Now at the beginning of your bodybuilding sessions, nutrition wouldn’t matter a lot but you have to get your macros right and enough. Macros are your carbohydrates, protein, and fats.
Dieting wouldn’t matter much, all you need to do at this point is to be consuming a good amount of calories daily. Let’s say 1000-2000 daily so that you can gain size because it is the number of calories you consume which will determine if you would gain weight and size.
So the increase in the number of calories should be taken into effect in teenage bodybuilding.

Good form-

This is usually neglected by teenage bodybuilders in the gym.
A good form in the gym is using weights which you can push or lift perfectly because it’s not too heavy on you, allowing you to perform that exercise correctly, that is what a good form means. Don’t go about in the gym trying to impress anybody, go for the weight you’re ok with and get your training right.
Also with a good form, you tend to get stronger with time and begin to go heavier and still maintaining the good form.

Weight and reps-

Heavyweight & low rep or lightweight & high reps.
You need the two, to obtain the utmost result in the gym which is to get strong in the gym using heavy weights and grow your muscles using light weight for high reps.


Warm-ups are usually neglated in teenage bodybuilding.
Warm-ups are essential in your training session to help warm up the joints and help reduce injuries during your training session.
So before you begin your heavy training session, ensure to warm up.


Don’t be obsessed with getting abs-

Been obsessed with abs will lead you to be dieting, going on a calorie deficit, lots of cardio exercises just to get shred and have abs. If you’re trying to bulk up and also try to get shred and have abs, then is going to be pretty difficult
You should focus on just eating enough calories and training hard to gain size.

Train smart-

You don’t really need to work so hard to get to were you’re aiming, atimes you need to workout smart.

You don’t need to work out seven times a week to get all your progress going, you ought to work smart by giving your body a rest day to full recover and make progress on it own and that’s you being smart.


What time to train-

As a teenager in school, you probably find it difficult to go to the gym after school. The best way to tackle this is to wake up early in the morning and get the workout done before heading to school.
If you go to school around 8 am, then u should probably wake around 4:30 am for workouts and go till 6 am and then have the remaining 2 hours to yourself(take a shower, make breakfast, prepare for school) and head to school.
That’s how you can squeeze the workouts into your daily activities.


As a beginner or teenager in bodybuilding, following the basis is all that is required for you to make fast progress in the gym.
So those tips above are my advice on teenage bodybuilding.
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