How to get shred


To get shred is a big different from being lean.

Staying lean is about consuming enough amount of your macros and getting your intense workouts in to keep a moderate amount of lean muscles while staying shred is about consuming enough amount of protein, still consuming your other macros which is carbohydrates and fats but at some points they should begin to drop from your diet and more of protein in your diet and training hard and doing lots of cardio routine to reduce your body fat percentage to its lowest in order to get shred.

Now i believe you’ve known the difference between staying lean and getting shred..

Now,the next question is what are the things you should do to get shred.

Am going to deliberate more on your diet,nutrition and all that, then your training.


In order to get shred it begins with your diet. It’s your diet that entail if you get shred or not.
Now i am going to elaborate on one diet technique you can follow in order to get shred.

keto diet-.

This diet ultimately effectively.
A keto diet is a low carb diet.
On a keto diet, your entire body switches its fuel supply to run almost entirely on fat.

Your body turns to a machine in search of fats to burn in order to produce energy to keep the body going. When fats are burnt, your body fat percentage begin to drop.
Insulin levels become very low, and fat burning increases dramatically.

Benefits of going on this diet are;

Keto diet makes it easy to access your fat stores to burn them off.

Less hunger and a steady supply of energy, keeping you alert and focused.

Foods you should eat when on keto diet-

Low Carb Vegetables,



Meat and Poultry,

Coconut Oil,


Nuts and Seeds…etc.

Drinking enough water-

Drinking enough water daily helps in reducing body fat and also helps in flushing out toxins from our body system.

Increase your water intake and let it do its magic. 3 litre of water a day is the optimum.

Increase your protein intake

To get shred you have increase you protein intake.
Your protein should be higher than other macros you consume as protein helps in building muscle mass and keeping a low percentage of body fat which gets you to look shred.

Cut junk foods out of your diet-

You’re on a diet but at some point in time, you’ll feel like cheating on your diet by eating junk food which when you do so, you’ve basically messed your shred session.

So, if you’re prepping for a show to look shred, then keeping your diet at an optimum level is a way forward. Maybe when you done looking shred and want to bulk up, then you can add junk foods to your bulk diet once in a while.

High calorie intake on days you train and less on the days you don’t –

High calorie intake on your days of training is needed to keep your energy level up and to keep the fat burning process going.

While on rest days, you calorie intake should drop as you won’t require much energy for the day.

Weigh out your foods to see how many calories you’re consuming-

In your cutting and bulking phase it’s always best to weigh out your foods to see how many calories you’re consuming daily.

When you weigh out your foods, you get to know how many calories you’re consuming daily and also know when to drop or increase your calorie intake.

Go more heavy on training

During your shredding phase, you should go more heavy on training to aid you to burn more calories and gain muscle mass.

So together with your diet and training, you will definitely get shred.


Then lastly

Cardio exercise-

When you’re on a shred or cut phase, your cardio routine tend to level up.

You need cardio exercise in your routine to help burn fats which is best to do in the morning.

Doing cardio exercise in the morning helps get your day started and help to burn fats, leaving you light and comfortable.


To get shred, your diet should be your number 1 goal to get on point , then your training session comes in. So follow the tips i elaborated above in other to get shred.

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