Everything you need to know about vegan diet


Everything you need to know about vegan diet.

There is always a confusion between vegan diet and vegetarian diet.

Vegan diet is the consumption of plant based foods and cutting out animal products and also there by -products while vegetarian diet is also the consumption of plant based foods and cutting out animal product but can have the by products of these animal products such as eggs from chicken,milk from cow etc.

You might be curious to know why people go for vegan diet such as it’s benefits, so here are they reasons why people go vegan.

To lose weight-

People who wants to lose weight apparently go on vegan diet as it is low in fats and calories which is exactly the kind of diet someone who wants to lose weight should go on.

High in fiber-

Vegan foods keeps you full for a long period of time as it has a good amount of fiber in it and a good amount of fiber in the body system leads to healthier bowel movements.High fiber diets help fight against colon cancer.

Vegan diet helps in lowing the risk of heart diseases, kidney stone and cancers of different source.
Healthy skin-

Going vegan actually keep your skin glowing.
Check top celebrities(beyonce, ellen degeneres, ariana grade)who go on vegan diet,their skin are always glowing because they go on vegan food.

Bad breath-

When I was doing some research about this topic, I was damn stunned when I got to this.
Only if people who have bad breath can go on vegan diet, then they have a way to solve their challenges with bad breath.

Blood sugar and type 3 diabetes-

Vegan diet has been a good way to deal with high sugar level in the blood and also in dealing with type 2 diabetes.The vegan diet keeps the sugar levels in the blood in check.
So these are the main reasons. people who go on vegan diet switch to it.

There are also so demerits of going on vegan diet.

Lose weight-

Switching to a vegan diet would make you lose some weight as it is low in calories and fat.
You probably might be ok with your weight and you want to switch to vegan diet, just bear in mind you would lose some weight.

Lack of vitamin b12-

The vegan diet lacks the vitamin b12 due to no consumption of animal products and lack of b12 in the body would causes, anemia, nervous system damage and blindness.
The vitamin b12 helps in proper function of the brain, and the formation of red blood cells.
So the only way to obtain vitamin b12 is from supplements.

You can’t eat out-

Most eateries out don’t deal on vegan foods only or maybe just few of them, so mostly you would have to make your meal all the time

Needs for protein-

As animal products tends to be main source of protein to most people which of course, vegans don’t go for. Also,meeting up with protein needs tends to get hard,if meals aren’t planned well.


Protein foods vegan consume.


At 18 grams of protein per cooked cup (240 ml), lentils are a great source of protein.

Chickpeas and Beans

Kidney, black, pinto and most other varieties of beans contain high amounts of protein per serving.

Tofu, Edamame and tempeh

Tofu, tempeh and edamame all originate from soybeans.

Soybeans are considered a whole source of protein.Which means that they provide the body with all the essential amino acids it needs.


Seitan is a popular protein source for many vegetarians and vegans.

Green Peas

The little green peas often served as a side dish contain 9 grams of protein per cooked cup (240 ml), which is slightly more than a cup of milk.

Soy Milk

Milk that’s made from soybeans and fortified with vitamins and minerals is a great alternative to cow’s milk

Nuts, Nut Butters.

Nuts, seeds and their derived products are great sources of protein.

Chia seeds.

Amaranth and Quinoa

Amaranth and quinoa provide 8–9 grams of protein per cooked cup (240 ml) and are complete sources of protein, which is rare among grains and pseudocereals.

Are vegan diet good for children

A well-balanced vegan diet is safe and healthy for any stage of life, including infancy, childhood, adolescence, and during pregnancy. Plant-based diets can easily provide all essential nutrients, vitamins, and minerals that growing children and mothers-to-be need. Simply have a variety of whole grains, beans, vegetables, and fruits, and be sure to include a daily source of vitamin b12, such as any common multiple vitamin. Plant-based diets have many important health advantages: Vegans enjoy a reduced risk of heart disease, diabetes, and some types of cancer. Since eating habits are established in early childhood, choosing a vegan diet can give your child the opportunity to enjoy a variety of nutritious foods and to carry those healthy eating habits into adulthood.

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