Lately, I have been putting up different articles on what you need to know and do to get big in the gym, because the guys in particular wants to put on mass in the gym, so definitely I have to keep bringing the tips here for you guys to read through and learn.
So today am going to talking about why you need a gym routine to get big in the gym.

Now what is a gym routine??.

A gym routine can be said to be a list, containing the parts of the body which you would train in a day and also so how many sets and reps you should go on each workout.

For example;


Chest and arms workout
(Bench press- sets&reps,incline bench press etc)


Shoulders and traps workout(Dumbell lateral raise- sets&reps), Barbell military press- set and reps etc).

Wednesdays-Leg workout(Barbell squats-sets and reps), Dumbell lunges- sets and reps).

Thursday-Chest and arms workout
(Bench press- sets&reps,incline bench press etc)

Friday-Back workouts
(Barbell row-set&reps, incline bech press etc) overhead lats pull down-set and reps)

Saturdays-full body workout

Sunday-Rest day.

This is what a gym routine looks like.
In a typical nigera gym, you hardly see anyone with gym routine like this.
90-95 percent of guys in the gym are just busy with chest workout.Everyday day of the week is chest day or full body workout.
You can’t put on mass easly if you do full body workout everyday. It will bore you the hell out,with time you will start to lose motivation because you don’t enjoy it anymore.
And that’s what repeating something over and over can get you.This is the main reason it takes people with this kind of routine time to put on mass.
The example above is what my gym routine looks like.

Now I will list you the disadvantages of having this kind of routine(Every day is chest day or full body workout)and advantages of having a good gym routine.

Disadvantages of not having a gym routine.

You tend to spend more time in the gym or less.

If you do a full body workout then definitely you will have to spend more time in the gym if you want it to be effective and the time frame should be 3 hours or more.
You see, that’s alot of time and also it’s damn strenuous.
Then lets say you want to go for less.
You want to do a full body workout and you want to complete the workout in one hour time or less, definitely the workout isn’t going to be that much efficient because you won’t do much.

You tend to be stressed and bored out-

Workout are meant to be enjoyed.
When you do a particular workout everyday or you do a full body workout, you tend to be bored and stressed out.And when you have such feelings in your workout then your workouts won’t be much effective.
You tend to lose motivation and you know motivation is also key to a good workout.

Recovery time tends to be long-

In the case you’re into full body workout program, you tend to notice that you rest way too long because this kind of workout hits the nervous system.
Is way too much for the body, so definitely you will have to rest for long to recover properly and get into the next workout which kills the vibe in workout.
Recovery time aren’t spose to be long.
In this type of workout, you need about 5 minutes or more to recover fully.

It tends to be ineffective-

A gym routine is definitely ineffective if it doesn’t take your traning to the next level.

Body recovery-

Lets say you are the type that do a full body workout or you only build chest and arms and you go to the gym 6 times a week,because you don’t have a gym routine, you wouldn’t give your body a rest time to properly recover.

Advantages of having a gym routine

Recovery time-

Your recovery time takes just a minute and you get back to your workout which makes workout to be intense and effective.

The time you spend at the gym-

You don’t tend to spend long hours at the gym because you are only on a single body workout.

You are not bored and stressed out-

When you have a gym routine, every workout is nicely arranged just like the example I gave above.
You tend to do different things altogether everyday. When you are up to something new everyday, there no how you can get bored of it.And the stress reduces because you focus on a single body workout and you have time to rest.

Body recovery-

When you have a gym routine definitely you won’t do the same workouts everyday.You do different types of body workout everyday.
For example-

On monday,you build chest and arms then the next day you build shoulders.
Now as the next day approaches and you will build shoulders, you are giving the chest and arms time to recover.

So I hope you enjoyed this article,
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