• Sure tips to get big in the gym

    To get big in the gym is an easy pizzy if you know the tips and that what am going to brake down in this article.
    I have been to the gym for 5 years now and due me been serious about bodybuilding, I can boldly say I know what goes and doesn’t.
    To be honest, my knowledge about bodybuilding is around 60%.There alot to learn in bodybuilding, so we are still grinding and getting there.

Now on tips to get big in the gym,am going to list out 4 sure tips which you should put to use to get big in the gym.

First, we are going to talk about the nutrition.


Nutrition plays a big role if you want to get big in the gym.
It is always said that in bodybuilding,nutrition has 70% and training has 30% which I found true.If you really want to get big in the gym then you should always know what to give your body at a particular time of the day.
You have to make food your friend, you have to eat big.Just hearing food should make you happy.
Little story, in universty, a friend of my told me something that stunted me.
You might be living your life and think no one is watching you, someone does.
So this friend of my told me that he notice that am always happy when eating.I told him yes bro,am always happy because I got food to eat which equally means am going to gain more size.
So know when to supply your body with the essential meal it needs.
Make sure you get your macro daily, which is carbohydrates, protein and fats.
If you are struggling to eat big then I guess to should learn how to prep your meal
Preping your meal is preparing the food your are going to eat for the next 3 days, next 2 days or for that day alone,it depends on the one you want to go for.
So this is how you get started for the food prep.
Get a little food container and serve the food into them and put them in the fridge.
The food container can be about 5-6 or more depending, you can go for more.
Eat every 2-3 hours, like 4-5 times a day.When ever your want to eat, pick one food container out fron the fridge and microwave it and eat.
Eating every two to three hours will help you to start gaining size/gaining mass
This is the number one goal.

The second tips on the article is consistency.


You can’t be talking about to get big in the gym if you aren’t consistent.
I train 5-6 days in a week. Am not exaggerating, am not entertaining you with it, like this is how I train.
If you can train 4-5 days in a week, that’s still ok.
You have to be consistent in the gym to get big.
Just like a business you want to grow so damn big, no matter the obstacles,you keep pushing through.This same approach can be followed when in the gym.


Get a routine-

A routine for the gym session is very vital.
Without a routine then have in mind you won’t make much progress.
If you don’t know what a routine in the gym is or means, I will explain.
A gym routine is like a timetable which contains when you should train, what you should train and maybe you can include time too.
A gym routine will help you get big fast.
The gym routine tells you the particular muscle of the body to train for the day.
Monday could say train chest and arms.Tuesday could say train back etc.
Because you have a gym routine, you can now be able to train a particular part of the body, so as to grow big.
When you dedicate a day to train a particular muscle of the body, definitely it will get big than when you do a full body workout.

Do less of cardio activties

if you want to get big in the gym,then you have to cut down the rate at which you do cardio activities such as running, walking around so much, jogging etc.
Reason for this is that you can’t retain any muscle if you keep doing much of cardio exercise due to you are burning fat.Fats help retain the muscle, so when burnt on a daily, don’t expect to get big.
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                  Stay massive.

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