6 fruits you should include into your diet and it’s benefits


Fruits are essential to the human body.
There are lots of nutrients in them which are beneficial and important for human health. Nutrients such as vitamins, fiber, minerals, phytonutrients and various antioxidants.
So including varieties of fruits into your daily diet is essential as it also helps in fighting off some disease in the human system.

So in this article,am going list out 6 fruits you can find in nigeria,its nutrients and it’s benefits to the body.
It’s best to eat fruits on empty stomach as your body obtain and maximize it’s full benefits.

Fruits you can find in nigeria are:

Banana, pawpaw, orange,coconut, mango,watermelon

So let’s get started with banana


Banana are good source of carbohydrates.
It is fully loaded with fiber which are good for the heart.
Banana is high on potassium which are good for regulating the heartbeat and blood pressure.
Banana helps fight of anaemia
Banana are high in iron which helps to reduce red blood cell or hemoglobin in the blood which cause pale mess, fatigue and shortness of breath.


Pawpaw is also called papaya.
It contains nutrients such as
Vitamin C
Vitamin A
Folate (Vitamin B9)
magnesium and vitamins B1, B3, B5, E and K..
Paw paw improves digestion.
It helps to digest protein easily and also deal with constipation.
So if you’re bloated after a meal is best to eat little of paw paw, it helps to ease the stomach.
Eating paw paw often helps to deal with inflammation as it deals with the disease in the system.
Paw paw has anti cancer properties. The lycopene in papaya does help reduce cancer risk


Orange are excellent source of vitamin c.
A good intake of vitamin c does reduce the risk of colon cancer.
Anti-oxidants in orange helps to protect the human skin from free radical damage known to cause aging. That is to say, an orange a day makes us look younger.
Fibers in orange helps to lower the level sugar level in the blood
So people who are diabetic are OK to have orange


Coconut provides about 61% of fiber in the human system, which means that they are high in fiber and foods or fruits that contains fiber helps to lower the risk of heart disease and diabetes.
Young coconuts have more water in them than the mature one’s.
The water in coconuts contains what we call ELECTROLYTE’S.This electrolytes helps to keep the body system properly hydrated so that the muscle and nerves can function well.
The coconut helps to restore oxidative tissue damage and contains a source of healthy fats, proteins, and various vitamins and minerals.


Mango is a sweet fruit and i rarely hear anyone say he dislikes mango.
Mango has an abundance of vitamans,minerals and antioxidant.
The antixodant in mango protects against colon, breast , leukemia and prostate cancers.
Mango is high in fiber.
It contain an enzyme which helps for digestion.
Mangoes leaves helps to deal with diabetes.
Get some mango leaves and boil it with water. Leave the leaves in the water through out the night and then drink in the morning.
Mango lowers cholesterol.
A proper amount of mango does promote healthy sex as it contains vitamin e.


Watermelon is a sweet refreshing friut which has lots of water in it.
It has lot of nutrients in it such vitamin c, vitamin a and many other healthy plant compound.
Watermelon helps keep you hydrated as it has lot of water in it which is good for the body system.
It improves your heart health as it has lycopene in it which helps to
lower cholesterol and blood pressure.
Watermelon contain citruline which relieves sore muscles. so after workout, it is ok to have watermelon as it refreshes you.

And that it for the 6 fruits you should include daily in your diet and its benefits.

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