Tomatoes is a red citrus fruit which is mistaken to be a vegetable. This fruit is found anywhere around the world and is used to prepare dish such as stew,jellof rice, salad,add to indomie to make it palatable. Due to the high acidity in tomatoes it can be stored or canned. Adult and children eat it while some prefer it in dish.
Personal I did prefer it to dish but when I started to research on tomatoes and how beneficial it could be to human health, I found out that it’s nutrients are best utilized and beneficial to the body
when eaten in it’s fresh state.So I had to switch things up by eating it in it’s fresh state.
So here are the benefits of eating tomatoes

Prevent and fight cancer-

Tomatoes contains a substance called lycopene.
This substance lycopene in tomatoes makes it red.
The lycopene when in human system fights and ward off cancer.
The good part about this is that it fights all type of cancer. Postrate cancer,stomach cancer name it,it prevent and fights it off.

Lower’s risk of heart disease-

Research and study has been made and it was found out that people who eat more of tomatoes tend to have lower risk of heart disease.
Nutrients such as folate,vitamin B6 and niacin help to reduce cardiovascular disease.
So it is essential you eat at least two fresh ball of tomatoes.

Reduce depression-

Study has shown that more intake of tomatoes help to reduce depression.
Tomatoes contain this nutrients named folate.
High concentration of folate in human system help reduce depression which tomatoes is rich in.

Lower sugar level-

Tomatoes contains an antioxidant named alpha-lipoic acid.This alpha-lipoic acid help turn glucose into energy.The ALA enhances the body ability to use it’s own insulin to lower
sugar level in blood and also fights diabetes type 2.
The Ala also reduce symptoms of neuropathy which causes nerve damage and is caused by diabetes.

A good healthy skin-

Tomatoes is rich in vitamin c which the collagen,the connective tissue in our skin which helps with firmness,supply and constant renewal which is vital for skin elasticity.
So the collagen needs vitamin c to function well.
Vitamin c protects the skin from sun damage,pollutants and harmful uv rays.

Healthy hair-

Do you experience hair damage as hair fall often and you don’t know how to go about it,tomatoes is a sure bet,a good remedy.Tomatoes would provide your scalp with the nutrition it needs to grow.
How do you go about this;

Just grind about 2-3 balls of tomatoes and apply the juice to your
scalp and leave for 20 minutes the wash it with luke warm water.


Improve your eye health-

Vitamin A is essential for a bright healthy sight.
Low level of vitamin A in the body will lead to your eyes having hard time to detect light and send visual information to the brain.
So having a cup of tomatoes which is 2-3 ball of tomatoes contains around 700mcg-900mcg of vitamin A.
So it is essential you have this everyday as it helps eye vision to be sharp and healthy and being able to detect light and send visual information to the brain.

Control cholesterol level-

Vitamin B as well as potassium help lower cholesterol level which usually goes high as a result of unbalanced meal which is high in sugar and unhealthy fat which can lead to heart disease.

Healthy kidney-

Eating tomatoes on a daily basis makes your kidney healthy and also gets you a less chance of developing a gallstones or any other kidney disease. So tomatoes are good for the kidney.

Anti-smoking damages-

The many mineral and vitamins present in the tomatoes help to deal with the damages done by smoking in the lungs as well as other systems of the body.


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