How to make chicken stew


How to make chicken stew.

Making chicken stew is pretty easy.Am making this post to mostly guys out there who don’t know how to cook.You can give it a start today.

  1. Stew can serve on alot of meal out there.

You can eat it with rice,yam,spaghetti etc.

So lets get started.




Tomatoes.(Fresh and tin)



Fresh Red Pepper.

Stock cube (maggi)

Curry leave.

Cray fish

Groundnut oil.


This items will be ok to make a delicious chicken stew.

The first step is to wash the chicken and put it into the pot.Add water to the pot, atleast 2 to 3 cups of water,cut a little onion in to it and add a little salt then put it on your cooker.

Allow it to cook for like 30 minutes and bring it down.

Get your tomatoes ready for the chicken stew.Cut the fresh tomatoes into little pieces and into a bowl ,open the tin tomatoes and pour out the tomatoes.Cut your fresh pepper and onion into the bowl and keep the bowl aside.

Get another pot and put it on your cooker/gas.

For measurrment,if your cup is small, add like a cup of oil into the pot then if big add 2 cups of oil.Allow it to hit up,while it is hitting up,add a little grounded crayfish to the boiling oil, this will put out a nice smell.After that,pour out the contents in the bowl (tomatoes,onion,fresh pepper)Into the pot and begin to stir.Allow it to cook till the fresh tomatoes dissolves.This should take about 20–30 minutes.When all dissolved, pour in the chicken water together with the chicken into the cooking pot.The quantity of stew will determine if you should pour in all the water from the chicken pot or half of it.If you are making the stew in a small quantity, then you will have to pour half of the chicken water into the cooking stew and let it cook for like 10-15 minutes, add mivina into the cooking pot stir and cover the pot back for like five minutes, open it and add a liitle grounded caryfish and 3 stock cube(maggi) and cover the pot back.

Now get hold of your curry(bay) leave,wash it with water and salt and pluck the leaves out of the root stick and cut the leaves into smaller pieces and put all into the cooking pot,put salt on the tip of the stir spoon and add to the cooking pot, stir and cover the pot.Now wait for 10-15 minutes and get your pot down and turn off your cooker/gas as your chicken stew is now ready.

Hope you found it easy..

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