How to make popcorn for Valentines day.


Valentine Valentine Valentine.

A day for lover’s.A memorable day.

Love shown at it’s peak.Gifts are given.Going to nice places with your loved one’s.

Valentine’s day is a day to start showing more love to your partner,friends,people and keeping the love flowing

So on Valentine’s day,if you are planning to to go see a movie with your partner, I guess you would love to get yourself a popcorn.

So in this article you are going to learn how to make a’s simple.

So here are what you need for popcorn making;


A pot with thick bottom(special equipment) or better use a pressure pot.

1/3 cups of quality popcorn kernels.




This is all you need to make a popcorn.Not much right??

Getting started

A thick bottom pot is needed for the popcorn making so it doesn’t get burnt easily.



1)Add a little oil in the pot and get it heating.

Make sure there is no water in the pot when you add the oil as it will sputter.

So if you find out there is water in the pot,then put the pot on the heater to dry up.

2)As oil is now hot,add 3 to 4 popcorn in the pot and allow it to pop.
When kernel pops,add the rest of the 1/3 cup of popcorn kernel remaining.


3)Cover the pot and remove it from the heater.Wait about 30 seconds.

This help to get the oil temperature right and get the kernel into it’s poping state.


The kernel is heat in this way so that all the kernel will pop at the same time.


4)Return the pot to heat

.At this stage the kernel is due to start poping.As the pot is on the heat and the kernel starts poping, take the pot a bit up and shake the pot forward and backward.This helps all kernel to pop right and prevents burning.When the Kernels are all poped.Take the pot off from heater and pour it out into a bowl.


5) Add butter into the empty pot aleast 2 spoons of it and heat it till when melt.

When melt, pour round into the bowl and add two pinch of salt into the

bowl and toss the popcorn in the bowl.

Now your popcorn is all set to be eaten

So as you will go out with it to go see a movie with you partner,you will need to package it.

Get the popcorn into a nice package of your choice and  you’re good to go.

So,this is how to make a popcorn.

Hope you found it easy

Enjoy your day.

      Happy Valentine’s day..

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