How to build your self confidence

Self confidence is having trust in yourself, that you can do anything,just as you have confidence in God that he can do things for you.

Self confidence plays a crucial role in one’s life.Thats is to say you can’t make it in life without self confidence.

So in this article am going to show you how you are going to get yourself confidence on track.


Believe in yourself

Just like I said in the beginning, you have to believe and trust in yourself.This is were the number 1 job starts.If you don’t believe in yourself then no one would believe in you,it’s simple maths.

Always remember you came into this world alone,so you are the one to make things happen,no one is going to do it for you.Everyone got his own challenges to deal with.

When you have this kind of mind set,you will see that you would make things happen,people would believe in you.

Eliminate negative vibes


You have to eliminate all forms of negatives vibes like negative thinking, negative mindset friends.

Negative thinking will do you no good order than slowing you down from being a better version of yourself.What negative thinking does is that it will never let you see any good coming.What we think about ourselves do manifest.When you think positively, positive things happen,vice versa.

So being positive about yourself plays a crucial role in building yourself confidence.

Also don’t be around people who aren’t being positive.The people you stay around with can affect the way you do things and reason.When you stay with people who think negative,you would thinking negative but if you stay around people who think and say postive things you will likewise do the same.


Do what you love the most

-What are you more passionate about.Do you love playing football,Singing,dancing,hitting the gym,helping people.What ever you love doing the most,do your best in it.When you’re good at what you do, it uplifts your self confidence. Which is,you believe in yourself that you can do this better.


Wear comfortable clothes and stay hygienic


You should wear clothes you are comfortable in,which when you look

at yourself in the mirror, you feel good about yourself.

Also staying hygienic is very important.

Brush twice a day,morning and night.

Bath twice a day,in the morning and at night.

Wash your clothes when dirty and iron clothes which needs to be ironed.


Go for seminars/empowerment programs and meet people


Empowerment programs and seminars are organized to empower

you with knowledge, to motivate you,to keep your mind focused on your set goals and learn new ideas.

In programs like this, you meet people and make new friends who could have the same goals as you do.

All this help to build one’s confidence.

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