Things you do that damage your tooth


Things you do that damage your tooth.

The teeth should be kept clean and healthy which is done through brushing it on a daily basis.But there are some things we do that could damage and cause havoc to it.
Like what we eat and other bad habits.

So here are some things you should stop and avoid to keep a strong and healthy tooth.

Sticky food

Sticky food after consumption tend to stay on the teeth, which is very harmful to your teeth.
Eg of sticky food;Candy,dried fruits like-mango,coconut,pineapples,and pears..
So after consumption its necessary to drink a good amount of water and gargle to remove some particules on the teeth or better brush after eating them.

Chewing ice

ice is meant for chilling and not to eat or lick it,but many don’t know this is not healthy for their teeth.Yes it doesn’t contain any sugary substance in it,but this ice could leave your teeth vulnerable to
damage.So avoid eating or licking substance like this.


Many can’t drink coffee without adding sugar and little do you know that too much intake of coffee stains the teeth.So if you do consume coffee often, make sure you take it free from sugar and also drink enough water.

Alcohol consumption

Alcohol causes dehydration and dry mouth.People who drink this find their saliva flow reduced and cause
tooth decay and can lead to mouth cancer.So cut or limit alcohol intake.

Using your teeth as tool

Using your teeth as a tool to tear,cut or open anything is very bad.You are hurting and weak your teeth.Don’t use your teeth to open bottle cover.It could cause a crack or opening on your tooth paving way for tooth decay.

Using throat lozenges

lozenges are what help to easy the throat from cough and contain menthol and sugar in it.The menthol help to ease the throat.
This lozenges has alot of sugar in it which constant licking or eating it would cause tooth decay.Bacteria act on sugar which would cause havoc on the tooth leading to decay
Brushing immediately after consuming acidic food

Brush immediately after consuming acidic food or drink softens your enamel leading to damage.Wait 30minutes after eating or drinking before brushing your teeth,by then your saliva have helped neutralize the acidity in your mouth.


To keep your tooth clean,healthy and strong you should avoid all that is listed above.
Brush twice a day,one in the morning and at night before going to bed


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