I do read on some forum especially the health section, topics are always created time after time on how to gain weight.With the way the topic pops up on and on I got to understand that most people do find it hard putting on weight.

Being underweight and trying all possible means to gain weight yet results aren’t showing could be frustrating.

So I took it upon myself to do a better research on how to gain weight fast..

So the below are the detailed steps on how to gain weight fast;

(1) Eat more calories than you burn

In order to begin to gain weight should eat more calories than you burn.

What do I mean by this??.it means that you should eat more food than your body burns. For example, Everyone have different activities they handle daily which such activities could require you to walk around all the time which as walk about you’re burning calories. So if you’re such type, for you to gain weight fast, you have eat more food. Don’t just burn calories than you retain.

Obviously you might might find this difficult at the beginning trying to eat more than you use to but with time, your metabolism will speed up which will make you want to eat more.

(2)Eat healthy

Because you want to gain weight doesn’t mean you should eat anything in way. Foods such as processed foods or junk foods.

Though you could gain weight pretty fast with eat these kind of foods but you don’t were by you’re trying to gain weight a bit and then get fat with all bloated face which is unhealthy.

So you can even gain weight while still eating healthy.

(3)Drink water after meals

This technique is very helpful as it aids you to eat more. Drinking water before or during eating will get you full fast.You need more calories in your system which drink water in between meals isn’t an ideal. Just train yourself and you would get use to it.


You might think you don’t need exercise because you are trying to put on some weight. No that’s not true.You can go into exercises like lifting heavy weights and yoga to stay healthy and gain weight.

(5)Keep record and track of your progress

Before you get started, get yourself a scale and weigh to see what you weigh currently and put it in record. Then try weighing every week to check out for changes. This would help you track your progress and motivate you the more.

(6)Cut out stress

Whatever you find stressful should be cut out.Anything that could cause you being underweight should be cut out.

(7)Get enough sleep daily

It is essential to get your 7 hour pan of sleep in order to fully recuperate. Your meals digest properly when at sleep. You body grow when at sleep, so eventually you need to get enough sleep daily.

(8)Quit smoking

Most smoker you see are always looking lean is because they smoke, not because they don’t eat enough or well.Quitting smoking and stick to the above process to gain weight.


Always remember, the key to gaining weight fast is to eat real healthy food and eating more.

So get yourself started with eating more and then every week,check

out yourself for progress which the results would motivate you more and to also know when you are ok as not to become fat.

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