In the women world, Saggy boobs have been a big challenge.

Both teenagers and averaged age woman face this challenges.

I did a good research on why the breast sag and i found out that the breast age 2-3 times faster than other parts of the body.

Also genetics and lifestyle plays a big role to the way your breast is going to look.

Genetics for example; if you’ve observed, your grandmother or your
mother or the both has saggy boobs, there is a big tendency that you can have this saggy boobs as a teenager or an adult.

Also your lifestyle tend to play a big role to the way your breast will look.

Below this article contains a list of things you do that cause your breast to sag.

Also if your lineage do have this saggy boobs then there are things you can do to help or lift them.

Using the wrong bra size

Spose you have a firm breast and you use an oversize bra which doesn’t push the breast up to be firm, definitely, you’re going have saggy boobs. So a right size bra that will keep the breast firm is recommended.

Mismanaged breast feeding

Breast feeding cause the release of some hormones and the secretion of milk which tend to increase the size of the breast. So if you’re breast feeding and your breast went from being a firm breast to a saggy boobs then this what you do.

During breast feeding as the breast increases in size, you should get a fitting bra to help keep the breast firm. Then when the milk stops after breast feeding, the breast would go back to its normal size.

Bad Diet

In overall sense, what you put into your system matter so much.

Foods that contain so much saturated fats in it cause a spike increase in weight and as you gain weight so does your breast increase in size.

When you must have realized that you’ve gain so much weight and try to cut down, the breast tissue would have already been stretched so much, making it hard to go back to its original form.


Lack of exercise and wrong workout apparel could lead to a saggy boobs.

Exercise helps to keep the body in check by burning fat and reducing the chance of getting a breast cancer and gaining weight which obviously stretches the breast. So regular exercise will benefit your body a lot.

Using a wrong workout apparel

Using a low quality and wrong size sport bra could lead to a saggy boobs due to a lot of movement involved while working out. So a firm bra is required to keep the breast firm without much movement while working out.


A wrong sitting ,standing and walking posture could affect the look of your breast.A bad posture causes your breasts to remain in an unnatural position and If this is done for long duration,it leads to saggy boobs. So keep in check of your posture.

Sleeping position

Lying on the bed with your stomach could sag your breast. Just like you’re trying to keep the breast firm with the right firm bra, it is considered best changing your sleeping position by sleeping with your back.


Carcinogens in cigarette smoke cause elastin to break down in the body. These elastin fibers are responsible for skin elasticity throughout the body. So to keep those breast firm you have to quitting smoking.

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